YouTube is now in the process of removing ALL gun content… it’s time to move to

Alex Jones isn’t the only target of social media censorship in recent days. The online video platform YouTube is now actively removing all gun-related content from its platform, claiming that anything depicting or talking about guns violates the company’s policies concerning the “promotion” of firearm sales.

The Truth About Guns recently published an article containing a screenshot of a notice it received from YouTube, which on August 7 pulled a video entitled, “FightLite RAIDER Pistol First Look” for allegedly violating YouTube’s “guidelines.” YouTube further explained:

“We have long prohibited content promoting the sale of firearms and in March, we announced updates to these policies. Our updated policies on content featuring firearms can be found in our Help Center.”

Jeremy from The Truth About Guns notes in his article that his account wasn’t suspended or removed. But the video itself was about as innocent as it gets, and didn’t even involve anything related to the shooting of firearms. He has since moved the video to his new channel at

Jeremy’s new channel features reviews for guns, suppressors, and various other gun-related accessories and gear of interest to firearms enthusiasts. His videos also feature gun and gear testing demos, technical how-tos, and “shooting just for the fun of it” – all of which is protected by the Second Amendment, which YouTube clearly opposes.

“YouTube has been on the warpath this month, removing gun content at record pace,” Jeremy writes. “On the bright side, they haven’t been issuing ‘community guidelines strikes’ like they did to me last time. Which is good. If they had done so when they removed these two most recent videos, my account would have been deleted and I’d be banned from uploading.”

“On the down side, it appears as though YouTube is now justifying their ability to remove basically any gun-related content whatsoever.”

Time to ditch these anti-American traitors that are discriminating against firearms

In other words, if you’re a law-abiding American who engages your Second Amendment rights, you’re no longer welcome at YouTube. Companies like FightLite that manufacture firearm-related gear are also no longer welcome at YouTube, which is basically telling the world: To hell with your right to bear arms.

This anti-American sentiment isn’t going unnoticed, and it’s why many former YouTube users are flocking to instead. At, reviewing firearms or even shooting them at targets is fully accepted, as is pretty much everything else that doesn’t violate the law.

But at YouTube, the only allowable discussion of firearms seems to be to call for their removal from society – which represents a treasonous threat to every American’s Second Amendment rights. This makes YouTube an enemy of the people, and a platform that every American patriot needs to ditch with haste.

If YouTube has the freedom to censor at will because it’s supposedly a “private” entity (despite receiving public funding), then Americans have the freedom to kick YouTube to the curb – and many of them are because they can see the writing on the wall.

Even President Trump has come out in condemnation of Big Tech’s censorship tactics, calling out the double standard of discrimination against Republican and conservative voices.

“So at this point, any video that isn’t clearly anti-gun, pro-gun control, or, I suppose, an extremely negative review culminating in ‘do not buy this gun!’ advice is fair game for YouTube censorship,” warns Jeremy, reiterating what the President emphasized on Twitter several days prior.

“As I see it, they’ve effectively given themselves carte blanche to remove gun content as and whenever they please. If they don’t like it or they don’t like the content producer, it’s gone.”

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